Monday, April 30, 2012

my first recived foodie penpal

I recieved my first foodie penpal package a week or so agao and just had to talke picture of it. And of course my cat had to be in the middle of all the fun too. Guess he thought there would be something for hiom in it too.  ;-D

 When I took off the brown packaging this is what appeared. A beautiful reuseable shopping bag for my collection, a letter, and a wrapped box. I couldn't wait to unwrap it! And of course my cat once again.
In the wrapped box were so many goodies!! Spice tomatoe cookies, chocolate covered coffee beans, apricot kernels (never had those), fluff, pure yorkshire spring blossom honey, a coaster, beauty boost supplements, and a small retro cook book.

I've nibbled on the cookies and they are yummy! Looked and read threw the cook book and have decieded to give a few of the recipes a try, and read the letter. I've had so much fun with this!
I wanted to thank my penpal once more for these wonderful things!!

Monday, April 23, 2012


Wanting to lose weight is a lot of work. And i've found out for myself planning is 80% of it. I have to plan meals, workouts, times, and make sure I don't forget my hubby, cats and work along the way. I don't want to neglect anything/one.
My weekly food diary is a big help. I have one to plan my weekly meals and one for what I really ate. And the greatest part is keeping them gives me the possiblity of reeating what i've once planned, and it shows me where I went wrong if I gain weight.
I have the best ones in a trapper keeper, the ones that weren't good I put in the paper recycling. No need in keeping things that don't work.

Food wise i'm very good in planning and 50% good in sticking with it. It's getting better.
Workout wise i'm a total mess.
I plan and never fulfill.
Today i'm hoping to cure that. I bought a flow motion book for strength training. It looks wonderful, and I can do everything here at home. I have the dumbells and ball.
I found a weekly exercise diary. I want to do the same thing with my exercise as I do with my meals. Plan, make a appointment with it and stick to it. Dang it! I know I can do it.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

foodie penpals

I'm working on my foodie penpal and slowly but surly have no idea what to put into it.
So tomorrow i'm going shopping in the "city", in the hopes of finding inspiration. I still have another 6,-€ that I can spend.
I'm going to put something self made in it. And I already bought three things that I think are perfect. Not I just have to figure out what else to do.
And I need a few pieces of nice writing paper, for i'm out!