Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How do I simplify life?

Oh the wonders.

Today i'm racking my brain on how to simplify my life. And my life isn't that complicated.

I have work, my hobbies, exercise, and my Hubby with his family.

Not much.
But sometimes I think my job is a big time consumer. After all my job isn't a typical 9-5. It's a shift changing job that doesn't come in regular weeks, shift changes, etc.

I think all this came about due to what i've been through this last month.

Life isn't fair and life hit me badly in the guts.

But it did make me stop and think about what is important to me.

But I have to admit my job never crossed my mind in those last three weeks I was on sick leave.
Now that I had my meeting with my boss yesterday I came to think about it more.

There are days I love my job, and there are days I loath it.

I'm guessing it happens to a lot of people.

Yes i'm happy that my contract got renewed. And i'm grateful that it's only for 3 months right now too.

It will give me the time I need to figure out if I really want to keep it.

No it's not my dream job.

I think my dream job would be to work as a nutritionist.

I have to pay for the schooling myself though.

I could always go back to Arizona and open my own bakery and cafe.

I love baking.

I don't think I have to simplify my life.

I think I have to figure out what it is I really want.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Well now that's a great bit of news! I have a clean bill of health again. I'm healing very well and I'm allowed to restart my exercise program. Just not as hard as when I stopped. I have to go slow still and I'm not allowed to go swimming until all is healed shut but I'm allowed to do everything else again from yoga to boxing to weights to jogging!
Best news I've had in a while.

Purse Muff or Muffpurse

Has anyone ever combined a muff and a purse for the cold winter months? If not why not? After all all we women really need to take with us are keys, wallet, chapstick, and some tissues. Well maybe a powder compact and a small notebook for those odd ideas that jump into our minds. But still it all fits in a small purse.
I came up with the idea of combining a muff and a purse yesterday thanks to my tinkerbell purse i'm using right now. For it has two pocks in the front for things like cell phones and they are set off and buckled down. It dawned on me when I put my hand threw those pocket "hoops" that's it's just like a muff for the winter.
And presto walla the idea for my muff purse was born.
Since I have to go to the docs today to give him some of my blood for testing again I thought I could look down at the fabric store to see what typs of fake fur she has too. I have padding, and i'm sure I have enough scraps of material for doing the purse. If I don't find anything I like i'll knite it. But I want to do this little project. After all the next winter is coming and I usually get really cold hands!

Here's to retro styles going modern!

Monday, September 5, 2011

My knitting projects.

I have almost finished knitting up the vintage sweater. And I think I made a little mistake but i'm not sure yet. It has to do with the shoulders and neck. But first I have to finish the collar to be sure. Then when I do the make up i'll know for sure.
If all goes wrong I have two options. Sew what's to long to the inside of the sweater or frog it to the place where I messed up. I usually decide on it when i'm there and what looks better.

The knitted dress I want to make for myself is giving me just the tinest bit of greif and I haven't even started it yet! The original pattern calls for #6mm Needles and my yarn is for a #4mm max. So now to make the pattern that I really like I have to recalculate the stitches I need. Cause obviously I need a few more stitches than the original pattern. But for that the yarn is beautiful!!

I'm on sick leave for another week on tuesday I have to go to my docs to see how i'm doing and give more blood again. I swear they are vampires. And hopefully he'll give me the thumbs up to go on with my life the way it was before!