Friday, April 22, 2011

Company Field Trip and other things.

Today is the day of the company field trip. I have no idea where we are actually going but we all have a idea. We think we're going to a climbing garden. I wonder if that's ging to it r not. Guess i'll find out when we get there. We're all meeting at twelve in front of the company.

On a other note, i'm back on the eating right and exercise plan. I really don't have any motivation, but I do follow instructions. So that's really all i'm doing right now. I eat when hungry, drink my 8+ glasses of water, eat clean, only 20 grams of sweets per day, and work out 20 minutes daily. Following these instructins will help me to lose the weight I still need to lose.

So now I have t get ready. Sport clothes here I come!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm mostly strong..

I keep saying i'm Wonder Woman. And in a way I am. I work hard to earn the money I do. I'm strong and confident. I am healthy and I don't like being a weak woman. After all I can do it myself.

But lately I don't feel like my usual Wonder Woman self. I'm dizzy all the time. But that's it. I'm going to my Doc to make sure it's nothing bad. And i'm sure it's not after all except for the dizzyness I feel great. I just wish it would stop. After all it's getting in my way. And i'm not used to taking things this easy. I mean I do not stress myself out on anything. I go to work do a work out when I feel up to it and my hubby takes care of the house. I do a lot to get/stay relaxed.

So what the hell is wrong with me?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Hubbys Birthday

It was my hubbys birthday on the 7th. And I had a hard time getting his surprise ready. I had the night shift (again!) on the 6th to the 7th, and right after work I went to the only store that opened at 7am. Kaufland. There I bought him some of his favorite chocolate sweets and some easter grass, fixings for selfmade frosting and decorations for a birthday cake.
At home I started up the first batter for the birthday cake and popped it in the oven, in the meantime I arranged the easter grass in a glass bowl and put the chocolate and the birthday card in it. Then off to make the second layer of the birthday cake and the frosting. Let everything get cold and put the cake together. In the mean time hubby was awake and got up. I banned him from the kitchen until I was finished.
All in all it was a great surprise for him. He was able to smell the cake but he suspected cupcakes.  Here is the picture of the cake:

I think it looks great. And it turned out really good. Even though my baking powder wasn't good anymore. The cake didn't rise much. 

On Saturday we had a coffee "party" for my hubbys relatives. I made a strawberry and vanilla pudding cake and peanutbutter cupcakes with frosting. They were the hit. Just look at them: 

They were gobbled up in no time. 

I keep saying I should open up my own bakery. I think i'd make a ton of money. Offer these and the peanutbutter cheesecake and i'd make a million in no time flat. LOL
I was just really happy that everyone enjoyed my cakes. And my hubby had a great birthday. That's all I wanted.